About The Band

Earl Pereira: Vocals + Bass  
Jesse James Clark: Guitar + Vocals 

Chris Valleau: Guitar & Vocals  
Kurtis Schultz: Drums + Vocals


The Steadies aren't invited to the party---they ARE the party.

This high-energy four-piece Canadian power band mixes pop-rock with world-beat, funk, and reggae, creating a sound they've dubbed 'island-rock.' Based in Saskatoon, the group performs over one hundred festivals and clubs internationally every year and has the unique ability to appeal to diverse audiences of all ages, genders, races, and genres. As much as they’re a band on the rise, The Steadies also have an abundance of experience and pedigree.

Frontman Earl Pereira – a 3-Time Juno Award nominee and 9-Time WCMA winner – first broke through in the Canadian music scene with the rock group, Wide Mouth Mason, and opened for music icons The Rolling Stones, The Roots, and The Tragically Hip.

Talented drummer/studio engineer Kurtis Schultz mixes The Steadies’ world-class recordings.

Guitar virtuoso Jesse James Clark joined the group in September 2018, which sent the newly-formed trio overseas for their first European tour across Italy, Austria, and Germany.

By the end of the year, The Steadies had received a wave of the international press, including features on TMZ, Hollywood.com.

Stuff New Zealand, CBC, and Metro UK after a video went viral of Riverdale star KJ Apa (who portrays the iconic Archie), jamming with the band at their show in Vancouver.

The band followed through on this momentum with the band’s third album, 2019’s “Tiro De Leone”.

The Steadies have continued touring and recording, even at the height of the worldwide pandemic, which culminated with the group signing to Canada’s Bristol Records with worldwide distribution by SONY/The Orchard via Copperline.

With new band member Chris Valleau bringing a new level of funk and rock to the band's mix, the band has released its newest single 'Light Me Up,' with BC-based artist Sanjay Saran (Delhi 2 Dublin) which will be part of their upcoming EP “Triquetra”, set to release in 2022.

                                                                                                About The Steadies' Frontman

Earl Pereira got his rock n’ roll pedigree as a founding member of the popular Canadian band Wide Mouth Mason, who had two gold records, three JUNO nominations, and a host of other accolades and awards. Pereira has toured the world, playing over 3000 shows and opening for iconic artists like the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Nelly Furtado. He was named one of Canada’s top bass players by Canadian Music Magazine and has been featured on MTV, Muchmusic, and the Ryan Seacrest Show, as well as in publications like Rolling Stone Magazine and The National Post. Between 1996 and 2010, Pereira co-produced and co-wrote much of Wide Mouth Mason’s award-winning catalogue. He has worked with a roster of legendary producers including David Leonard (Paul McCartney, Prince), Joel Van Dyke (Aerosmith, Bryan Adams) and Todd Burke (Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Johnny Cash). In 2010, with demand for his side project on the rise, Pereira left Wide Mouth Mason behind (here's a great story discussing his departure from the band) to pursue The Steadies full-time. 


2013 The Steadies - Starcity Shakedown  
2012 The Steadies EP (WCMA Nominee)  
2010 Wide Mouth Mason - Live In Montreaux  
2008 Mobadass - Island Rock  
2006 Wide Mouth Mason - Shot Down Satellites  
2005 Mobadass - The EP  
2005 Wide Mouth Mason - The Essentials  
2003 Wide Mouth Mason - Rained Out Parade  
2001 Wide Mouth Mason - Stew  
1999 Wide Mouth Mason - Where I Started (GOLD)  
1997 Wide Mouth Mason - Self-titled (GOLD)  
1996 Wide Mouth Mason - The Nazarene

• 3 JUNO Nominations 
• 2 Certified Gold Records 
• 8 Western Canadian Music Awards 
• 2 Canadian Radio Music Awards 
• 3 Toronto Exclusive Music Awards 
• 6 top-20 Canadian radio hits 
• 3 top-20 MuchMusic video hits