Starcity Shakedown

by The Steadies

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After nearly two decades of learning from some of the best producers in the world, Earl Pereira (Steadies frontman and founding member of the multi-platinum trio Wide Mouth Mason) has released what he feels is the best work of his career.

Starcity Shakedown (November 29th 2013) is an ode to The Steadies’ island-rock roots and marks the band’s first release since their 2011 EP that earned them a top-50 hit in Canada. “I wrote, mixed and produced most of the new album myself after spending the past year and a half obsessively learning everything I could about the technical side of recording. I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve worked on,” says Pereira.

Having recorded six major label albums with Wide Mouth Mason, Pereira earned his producing pedigree through years of collaborating with a roster of legendary producers who have worked with the likes of Prince, No Doubt, Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney. “I was like a sponge in the studio with our producers; I spent a lot of time in the control room with them and I developed relationships where they would share their knowledge with me. I was given some amazing learning opportunities and I didn’t take that for granted,” says Pereira.

Produced and written by Earl Pereira at Fame Machine Recording Studio Mastered by Trevor Case at Earwig Mastering Lab Album artwork by Kate Matthews

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The Steadies EP (Digital Copy)

by The Steadies

The Steadies take the explosively popular Top 40 sound and mix it with rocksteady and reggae influences, creating what they’ve dubbed, ‘island rock.’ Their self-titled EP packs a hefty dose of their signature sound, offering an electrifying collection of radio-worthy originals and rock-out party songs.

The band collaborated with multi-platinum producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe) whose work has reached #1 in 37 countries.

Frontman Earl Pereira co-wrote and co-produced the 5-song EP as well as Wide Mouth Mason’s entire catalogue. He has worked with a roster of legendary producers including David Leonard (Paul McCartney, Prince), Joel Van Dyke (Aerosmith, Bryan Adams) and Todd Burke (Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Johnny Cash).

In keeping with the band’s mission to have fun with their fans, hard copies of the EP feature colour-your-own-album-art, complete with crayons and a colouring contest. This album design was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award.


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• 2011 The Steadies - The Steadies EP

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